About Us

Electric Engineering Automation Consulting Information and Software Systems Import Export Industry Trade Ltd.Co.

  Our company was established in 2008 as a private company in Tekirdağ / Çerkezköy. Our company, which continued its activities as a private company until 2011, started its activities as a limited company in 2011. In 2017, the company changed hands; Tekirdağ / Kapaklı center continues to serve its new activities with the branch we opened in Bursa / Nilüfer.
 Industrial automation services are at the top of our fields of expertise. As our automation activities, we have been providing quality and reliable service for many years by making use of many control structures and various software experience. We continue to offer industrial solutions with our electronic design and repair services from our other fields.
  In order to share this knowledge with you, we continue to help you with our various training programs and many different brands. Our training supports are also available within our company or within your own company. We continue with our R&D activities at full speed to serve you better with our expert staff.
  Our biggest goal is to fulfill the wishes of our customers, to gain satisfaction and to contribute to local production. For this purpose, we are developing our company every day with confident steps.


  Customer expectations; with technical and aesthetic details; to maintain customer satisfaction by meeting the highest level in terms of price, quality and service within the framework of legal legislation, To ensure that employees are involved in all matters by securing their future, increasing their satisfaction, increasing their knowledge and experience, To develop relationships by establishing a tight, regular and transparent communication network compatible with subcontractors and suppliers, and by establishing a service chain based on mutual benefits.


  We aim to take this unity even further by providing services in our industry sector with our understanding of quality service, honesty and customer-oriented work.